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Properties sold and leased 2013/2018

Expansion Commercial is a Florida Licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker

The enterprise began in 2012 to provide commercial real estate services  Expansion Commercial is built on the premise of authentic capitalism as outlined by Adam Smith in the book, the Wealth of Nations.   A capitalist will act in his or her own best interests, increase the number of participants in the market, and seek transactions for mutual gain.

It is the commitment of the Expansion Commercial to act in the interests of our customers to make certain that we understand and assist you with your companies’ goals for real estate income through the leasing, sale or purchase of Florida Commercial properties.   

We seek to increase the number of market participants, by increasing the number of companies and investors that are exposed to the leasing and purchase opportunities available, while being consistent with your goals of creating income.

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Dean Gilliland is the Principal/Broker of Expansion Commercial, Inc.  

Dean graduated from the University of North Florida in 1999 with his degree in Real Estate/Finance and Banking.  

During college, Dean operated a Commercial Real Estate research services called Dean Gilliland and Associates.   From the beginning of the year 2000,  he began his Commercial Salesperson career, and became a Broker Salesperson in 2004.   Dean is committed to educating his clients about the sales and leasing process.   

Contact Dean Gilliland today if you require Real Estate Sales/Purchasing, or Leasing.  (904) 635-4481



5343 Normandy Blvd      96,000 Sq FT          (Sale)

5944 Richard Street        50,788 Sq Ft  (Investment Sale)
3022 Faye Rd                  28,750 Sq Ft      (Investment)
First Coast No More

Homeless Pets                26,000 Sq Ft        (Sale)
Guiney Delivery               22,143 Sq Ft       (Lease)
Tabbystone                       21,208 Sq Ft        (Sale)
Chamblin Bookmine         20,000 Sq Ft        (Sale)
AB&B Manufacturing       18,750 Sq Ft         (Sale)
Executive Imports            16,000 Sq Ft       (Lease)
Continental Concessions 15,400 Sq Ft       (Lease)
M5/FCET                          15,000 Sq Ft        (Sale)
Atlantic Express               12,000 Sq Ft       (Lease)
First Class Coach            12,000 Sq Ft       (Lease)
Florida Gift Fruit Shippers12,000 Sq Ft       (Lease)
Private Owner                   11,000 Sq Ft        (Sale)
RJ & RK/

Bridges of America            9,100 Sq Ft         (Lease)

In addition to several sales and leases below 9000 Sq Ft

Palatka Riverfront Property  43 Acres           (Sale)
Wendover Housing                20 Acres          (Sale)
Private Owner                      7.5 Acres          (Lease)
Private Owner                      5.7 Acres          (Lease)
Private Owner                         6 Acres          (Lease)
Private Owner                       5.4 Acres           (Sale)
Gustafson Farms/Verizon     3.5 acres           (Sale)


Florida Real Estate Institute - Orange Park, Florida
Associate in Arts - Business Administration
Florida Community College Jacksonville
Designing Web Pages Using Front Page/Microsoft Office
Florida Community College Jacksonville Urban Resource Center
Bachelor of Business Administration - Real Estate Finance
University of North Florida, Jacksonville